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The Team


Dr. Jila Tahani

Principal Veterinary Surgeon and Consultant 

Dr. Jila Tahani is a highly skilled and compassionate veterinarian with over 17 years of experience in the field. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the prestigious University of Melbourne, showcasing her dedication to achieving excellence in veterinary care.

Throughout her extensive career, Dr. Jila has worked both overseas and in Australia, gaining diverse experiences that have shaped her into a versatile and knowledgeable professional. Her expertise extends to a wide range of veterinary services, and she particularly enjoys consulting with pet parents and performing both routine and complicated soft tissue surgeries, as well as surgical dental extractions.

What sets Dr. Jila apart is her genuine passion for patient care. She is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of animals under her care, while simultaneously prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of their devoted pet parents.

Beyond her professional commitments, Dr. Jila treasures her free time with her family. She is a loving wife to her husband, Arash, and a devoted mother to their daughter, Ryka, and son, Ryan. Their family is completed by the delightful presence of their cat, Bingo. Driven by a profound love for both her human and furry family members, Dr. Jila finds joy and fulfillment in the bonds she shares both at home and in her veterinary practice.

Shannyn Stein

Veterinary Nurse

Shannyn was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2008 with her parents. She grew up with a range of animals and started riding horses at the age of five years old! It’s no surprise that she has had her mind set on becoming a veterinary nurse since she could talk. In 2014, while she was still in high school, Shannyn did a school-based traineeship with Animals at Oakey

 To Shannyn, being a veterinary nurse and working with animals is not just a job, it’s her passion. Over the years, she has had a wide range of animals. Currently, her fur family consists of four guinea pigs, two horses (Sharday and Bandit), a cat called Sherbet, a dog called Riley and lots of Aquarium fish. 


Kimberly Mcintyre

Veterinary Nurse

 Kim is a passionate veterinary nurse who finds pure joy in working with animals of all kinds. Kim's love for the animal kingdom extends beyond the clinic as she dedicates her time to volunteering at Wildlife HQ and engaging in wildlife-caring activities. With a nurturing spirit, she embraces the responsibilities of nursing, ensuring the well-being of animals under her care.

Whether furry, scaly, or slimy, Kim's affection for animals knows no bounds. Her genuine enthusiasm for her work and her pets at home reflects her commitment to creating a loving and caring environment for all creatures. Kim is eagerly looking forward to extending her compassionate care to your animal friends, promising a warm and friendly experience for both pets and their owners alike. 

Ianuk Athien-Hayes

Veterinary Nurse

Ianuk started her veterinary nurse journey in 2013, where she started in a large mixed practice. In her time as a nurse, Ianuk has worked in many areas, including dentistry, where she found herself moving to New Zealand to work in a specialist clinic. She started working in emergency nursing, which she continued upon her return to Australia. After some time, Ianuk returned to studies to gain further knowledge on wildlife, their ecology and conservation. Upon completing her Bachelor, she commenced her Honours degree, researching the relationship between large sharks and humpback whales, and their overlapping habitat use. Ianuk has since returned to general practice work, to slow down and to take more time to be with her young family. Ianuk has a huge heart for all creatures large and small and will always take the time to give them a cuddle.  At home, Ianuk has Alaska, a Kelpie, Dolby, a Border Collie and Chicogo, a fluffy ginger Ragdoll.

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